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Biodanza Prague

Biodanza Prague – regular evening Biodanza classes in Prague, vivencias run from September to June
every Tuesday 19:30 – 21:00 at Avaloka (Bellušova 2759/72, Praha 5 – Stodůlky)

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Biodanza Prague: Currently happening

Ochutnávka Biodanzi
K Rytmu života

Ochutnávka Biodanzi:
K rytmu života

od 12.září 2023, Avaloka

Září nás vybízí k tomu znovu obnovit rytmus, to ale nemusí znamenat nudu.

Rytmus jsou naše základy, jasná báze, ukotvení. Nuda to může být jen tehdy, když upadneme do stereotypů, ze kterých nevykročíme.

Kouzlo rytmu je v tom, že se z něj můžeme rozbíhat k dobrodružstvím, k tvoření, aktivitě a bláznivým nápadům. A znovu se pak vracet k tomu, co známe. Abychom si odpočinuli, bez toho aniž by nás musela zastavit nemoc či naprosté vyčerpání.

Lekce jsou vhodné pro začátečníky.

Pokud biodanzu neznáte, je navíc v září možné si vyzkoušet lekci ZDARMA


Coming soon

Wisdom of the body

from 2nd October, 19:00, Antonie Studio

Much of what we need to know to feel better, is hidden in our bodies.

And therefore, there is no need to look somewhere else, just re-connect with what you have already. Music, instructions, the other dancers will show you other horizons which you wouldn’t have thought so. And free you to explore new ways of movement, thinking, living.

The Viviencias (Biodanza classes) and their themes are loosely linked in the cycle, so it is possible to join at any time. It is about experiential movement, finding what is behind limits not choreography and steps.

Evening themes:
2.10. Rhythm in us Cancel due to sickness
9.10 The genius of the systems within us
16.10 What do our instincts tell us?
23.10 Stress and our bodies
30.10 Stepping out of vicious circles

The lessons are suitable for beginners.


sám(a) sebou

Just be

from 7th November, 19:30h, Avaloka

Just be – as you are, without thoughts, expectations, pressure to perform.

A series of loosely linked evenings on a variation of „Just be“.
What would it be like if we allowed ourselves to have nothing or to do only the really necessary things? Without pressure on ourselves and those around us. Just slowing down, noticing our needs, emotions, joys and fatigue.

And then decide on the next steps with kindness to ourselves, with respect for our bodies.
And at the same time, not to resign, to find joy in the little things and to enjoy the everyday and the desire to move on, though perhaps in a different way.

At least for one evening. And maybe, gradually, if you allow yourself, this aspect will write itself into your life a little.

Evening themes: (to be published retrospectively or with a short notice)
7.11. Small steps
21.11. Be in your center

No previous experience is necessary.


Registration form

Registration form

Biodanza in Avaloka is co-organized with Avaloka center therefore your registration information is shared with them.