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Biodanza in Prague

Regular Biodanza lessons, Vivencia, take place on Tuesdays 19:30 – 21:15 at Avaloka – Bellušova 2759/72, Praha 5-Stodůlky

I’m looking forward to meet you in dance.

Právě probíhá

Biodanza: objev lehkost

Když chceš žít, tanči

12.1.2023 – 2.2.2023, Druna

Roztanči své buňky v těle a vykroč v novém roce k objevení svého autentického pohybu.

V této ochutnávkové série se znovuspojíme s rytmem, ať už v hudbě či v našem životě, hrou, s radostí z pohybu, ale i s plynutím, odpočinkem a puštěním kontroly.
Tak, aby se naše tělo mohlo projevit způsobem, jaký v danou chvíli potřebuje.

Serie je polo-otevřená, pokud bys rád/a vyzkoušel jednu lekci, dej mi vědět nebo se přihlaš přes Drunu (v tuto chvíli není již možné přihlásit se na celý cyklus, můžeš tedy využít formulář pod akcí)

Nadcházející akce

Meet Biodanza
Touch the joy

Meet Biodanza:
Touch the joy

9.2.2023, Komunitní Prostor Smíchov

Accept the invitation to connect with your inner joy from movement, play and dance.

Do you love the feeling of letting go and just being yourself? Whether it’s while playing with kids, a spontaneous event with friends or just a quiet e
If so, I invite you to a biodanza evening. We will connect with rhythm, playfulness and joy in the first part. And in the second part of evening, we allow ourselves to just be, to calm our minds and bodies. So that later we can gently drift back into the rhythm. This time a little more consciously, gently and joyfully.

The event takes place in the Community Space Smíchov (Komunitní prostor Smíchov), the entrance is through the café located at the evangelical church.
For registration see the form below.

biodanza_Martina Bazgerova

Creator of your world

6.6. – 28.6. 2023, Avaloka

Come to experience how it feels like to be yourself, connected to your body and your feelings. And to express all this freely.

Each of us is our own universe, we feel, we put what happens to us and what we feel into context. And so we create our own worlds.

I invite you to reveal a little more of what is hidden within you again, to be inspired by others. To connect with the other who is a mirror to us and through dance, express whatever you feel and need.

Whether it’s trying something new. Trying out your desire about which you hesitate how to express it. Connect with it and express it through your body. And like that take a step forward to being an active creator of your life.

The series is open-ended and the evenings build loosely on each other. You can sign up for all evenings or just one.

No previous experience is necessary. The series is suitable for all levels of Biodanza dancers, and is primarily geared towards beginning dancers.

WHEN: Tue 6.6. – 28.6. 2023
TIME: 19:30 – 21:15
WHERE: Avaloka, Bellušova 2759/72, Praha 5
PRICE: 350 CZK single entry
: 200 CZK for a monthly season ticket – 1000 CZK for all 5 nights, but if you join later the price is lower
: 150 CZK within the monthly season ticket for seniors 65+

6.6 I feel, therefore I am ….
Is what I feel always what I feel? And how much does the context of the situation and my ideas and beliefs enter into it?
Come tune in to yourself and explore your inner feelings.
And maybe even learn something new about how we function or about ourselves

13.6 So many people, so many worlds
Is it possible for every person to have a different perspective on a given subject?
We will also talk about why this is so, and in the dance we will open up inspiration and the door to a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

20.6. Creating the world in Biodanza
Biodanza is a system and process that has a range of intentions and purposes. And one of the main intentions of the Biodanza is to bring people together, in respect for self and other.
Having danced at Avaloka for some time now, this evening we will focus purely on the Biodanza system.

28.6. The magic of inspiration
What if for one evening we forget our prejudices and just try out what it would be like to be someone else?
Without the pressure of having to understand the other person perfectly or do it exactly like them.
After all, the intention is to be inspired, not to create a copy.

Registration form

A minimum number of bookings must be made well in advance for the event to take place.
Capacity is limited.

If you are thinking of trying the full series but would prefer a trial class. It is possible to pay only for one evening.
Afterwards, if the biodanza and the hall appeal to you, it is possible to sign up for the rest of the cycle. (I.e. you will pay an amount to match the price of 200Kč per evening * number of remaining evenings in the cycle.)