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Contact and Price list




+420 721 041 696


Sládkova 7, Praha 7 (Kinesiology)
Avaloka – Bellušova 2759/72, Praha 5 – Stodůlky (Biodanza)



Kinesiology 1 session1500 Kč (60-120min)*
Kinesiology packege of 5 sessions**6500 Kč
Kinesiology 1 session – kids***1000 Kč (cca 60min)
Biodanza see price at calendar
Prices are valid from 1.8.2023.
*If it is possible for you, I recommend that you set aside more time to walk around or do whatever you want right after the session. And most importantly, don’t immediately run right on time for your next appointment. Session time is not tied to the quality or depth of the work.
**The package is valid for 1 year. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, please do not hesitate to contact me.
***Price is only valid if I have already worked with a parent before and we have agreed to work directly with the child. Otherwise, the price for a traditional session applies.

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