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dostat se k sobě aneb nabídka služeb. Najdi cestu, která možná není rovná, ale je zalitá sluncem a radostí

Towards myself

Or better yet, what paths to take towards myself? Because there is not just one single way to get towards oneself and therefore it can be useful to combine more techniques or try something new from time to time. Whatever you are point in your life that you’ve reached a point where you’d like to make a change. Or you’ve been on your journey „towards myself“ for a while and you are looking for a new direction or suggestions. Or just wanting to try something new.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

First of all from my personal experience from journey towards myself, I do believe that a great way is to find 2-3 techniques which would complement each other. As like that it is possible to get in depth of each technique while getting enrich by another one. And then time by time, when something is calling you, just hear the call and do a session/seminar of something else. To allow to open the new door „towards myself“ more easily.

There is a full variety of these starting from reading books and meditation through dance, yoga, walk in forest to cranio therapy, kinesiology or psychotherapy. None of these method is better or worse, they are thought more suitable for specific person based on their nature or current life situation.

If you are asking yourself, how to get more towards myself? I can offer you three different technique that I studied over few years. And it will be my pleasure to guide / facilitate your journey.

Each of the journeys below takes us inward. Each respects the uniqueness of each of us. And in doing so, it allows you to work intensely on the topic you come up with. But at the same time, their power does not interfere with ease and gentleness, and it does not happen that these techniques will subsequently shut you down through exhaustion or with illness.

It is up to you to delve into your subconscious and understand its messages through dreams.
To focus on a specific topic and find a new choice and path in what is troubling you.
Or whether you want to connect more with your body, to find joy in yourself again. Without having to come up with a theme or try to understand right away, just allow yourself to be, dance and move through the process.

Paths towards yourself

vnitřní dítě

Towards myself: kinesilogy

Discover the ease, gentleness and effectiveness of dealing with problems, fears and old patterns of behaviour that kinesiology offers.

We will find together the moment when the problem has either appeared or your subconscious has decided that this is the best pattern of behaviour. And quite possibly at that moment it really was. You will understand it, release it (through corrections) and choose a new path. With which you connect with (in your subconscious as well as conscious). And then you take all of this into the present.

Biodanza: objev radost z pohybu


Discover the lightness, the joy in connecting with movement and dance, with yourself and the group. Bring a new momentum into your life.

Biodanza is an invitation to connect with what you feel and want through dance and movement. To try something new in the safe environment of a group. Either to integrate it into your everyday life or simply to discover that it’s not for you. All dances and exercises are optional and you can choose to leave any out if you don’t feel up to it.

Snění: vydej se na cestu do říše snů.


Discover the lightness and depth that your dreams bring you.

Sny se nám zdají každý večer a na rozdíl od různých seberozvnojových kurzů jsou nám přesně šity na míru. Jsou zdarma a tak k dispozici, že je až můžeme přehlédnout a to by byla škoda.
Ráda vám pokytnu klíč jak se sny začít pracovat nebo se s vámi potkám na prohlubujícím workshopu.

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